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pump to pump water at flow rates of 2 to 6 GPM while developing pressures from 4 to 17 PSI. This is a bicycle powered pump, which allows the use of a standard bicycle to be mounted in a trainer and used to power the pump. When finished pumping, the bicycle Microsoft Wordfabrication of peddling water pump bi cycle, design fabrication of agricultural cutter using 4 bar machanism project pdf download, earth remort sense satelite using in agricultural instrumentation, design fabrication and testing a bicycle running on, solar panel tranking system used in motor pump seminar reports in pdf, walking vs running peddling pump pdf

Apr 08, 2015 This is how to make a portable bicycle water pump out of a couple simple Off The Shelf items. You can even transport the pump and stand together while attached to the bike. There are no modifications to the bike. Just a little pounding and cutting to the pump. Hop on the bike and start pedaling.

Treadle Pump Pedaling Out of Poverty The Treadle pump (also known as Pedal pump) is a waterlifting device similar in principle to the hand pump. The difference lies in the fact that a hand pump What is a pump track, you ask? A pump track is a continuous loop of dirt berms and rollers (smooth dirt mounds) that you ride without pedaling. The name pump track comes from the pumping motion used by the riders upper and lower body as they ride around the track. peddling pump pdf Pump operators are those people directly involved in peddling the pump, holding the hosepipe to direct water, scooping water from drums to take to the crop or arranging sprinklers. Each pump sold is operated by 2. 9 people. 41 are women and 59 men.

pump is positioned on its stand in such a way that driven shaft of the centrifugal pump is butted to the bicycle wheel. By pedaling the bicycle, the bicycle wheel rotates, thereby rotating the centrifugal pump peddling pump pdf development of an improved pedal powered water pump for rural use. This development was prompted due to the need for pumping systems that does not use Introduction This bicycle machine pumps water at 510 gallons per minute from wells and boreholes up to 30 in meters depth, (com pared to an electric pump that only pumps up to 12 meters The conventional centrifugal pump needs either electricity or diesel engine, but the present innovation works on pedaling. This is a nonpolluting and environment friendly device. Since it is made of commonly available materials and costs Rs. 3000 it is affordable to common people. A pump is a device that puts energy3 into the water. This energy can be expressed in two ways: an increase in pressure or an increase in flow. Centrifugal Pumps Energy Input If you were to cut a section out of the top of a pipe and use a canoe paddle to move

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