Latrolet dimensions pdf

2019-10-18 06:52

latrolet manufacturer MSS SP97, latrolet drawings, latrolet 3000LB A105, latrolet CS SS supplier.They have all the dimensions and you'll be sure the fittings have a design approval. It seems that the dimensions specified in MSS SP97, based on Bonney Forge. Weldolet, Sockolet, Thredolet, Latrolet, Elbolet, Nipolet, Sweepolet, Brazolet, Coupolet are trademarks latrolet dimensions pdf

Latrolet Latrolet, used for 45 lateral connections, is available buttweld to meet your specific reinforcement requirements, and 3000# or 6000# classes for socket weld and threaded applications.

The Bonney Forge Std. Wt. Weldolet, CL3000 Sockolet, CL3000 Thredolet (18 through 6 outlet size) and Coupolet bear the UL symbol 40 indicating Underwriters Laboratories listing of these fittings for use in sprinkler systems and other fire protection water sup ply systems. Latrolet is used widely abroad in recent years, It is used to connect the reinforced fittings. It takes place of traditional connecting ways. It takes place of traditional connecting ways. The body of Latrolet is made in excellent Forgings. latrolet dimensions pdf , Weldolet, Thredolet, Sockolet, Flexolet, Latrolet, Elbolet Starting with unreinforced branch connections, and testing a large number of sizes, size run size is schedule 160 weight and the branch is bored for a schedule less than schedule 160 specify as schedule 160 plus special bore.

Weldolet Double Extrastrong Size D (mm) (mm) INCH (mm) INCH (mm) INCH 12 21. 34 28 1 1 8 14 9 16 0. 15 6. 4 4 0. 15 34 26. 7 32 11 14 19 3 4 0. 32 11 7 DIMENSIONS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST Dim. REDUCING SIZE FULL SIZE A C (1) WEIGHT KG WEIGHT KG Dim. REDUCING SIZE FULL SIZE A C WEIGHT KG WEIGHT KG. Sockolet 3000 LBS latrolet dimensions pdf Branch pipe is the outlet size that connects to Olet 3. Style of branch connection Weldolet, hredolet, Sockolet, Latrolet, etc. 4. Material for branch connection A105, A350 LF2, A182 F l, Monel 5. Special design codes Design factors, location classes, design codes NOTES: 1. Allowable gap permits multiple size applications per outlet size 2. The key Weldolet dimensions are the center of the run to Weldolet face size (which measures the distance in mm between the run pipe center line and the Olet), and the physical dimensions of sizeonsize and reducing Weldolets, by nominal size and schedule, as illustrated in this post. Nipolet Specification. Total Piping Solutions Steels leading Nipolet manufacturers, founded in 1998. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation in both product lines and after sales services. Dimensions: Top Row in Inches Bottom Row in millimeters. Root Gap X Space for welding the O'let is raised off the run pipe to establish proper weld gap

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