Sit and reach test protocol pdf

2019-10-15 05:53

The sit and reach (SR) test was originally selected as part of the AAHPERD healthrelated and physical fitness protocol to measure trunk and hip flexibility for the prevention of low back problems (AAHPERD,The Functional Reach Test is performed with the participant in standing. It is the measure of the difference, in centimetres, between arm's length with arms at 90 flexion and maximal sit and reach test protocol pdf

advantages: The sit and reach test is a common test of flexibility, and is an easy and quick test to perform. If using the standard testing procedure, there is a lot of published data to use for comparison.

Method: The traditional sit and reach test, the chair sit and reach test, the back saver sit and reach test, and passive straight leg raise were administered in three trials to all 102 students (mean (SD) age 22 (1) years) on the same day. FLEXIBILITY TEST SIT AND REACH Purpose Procedure Equipment. Fitness Test Prepared for you by the Australian College of Sport& Fitness 2013 Measure the distance from their toes to their fingertips, and record. If their fingers are passed their toes, sit and reach test protocol pdf A comparison of the sitandreach test and the backsaver sitandreach test in university students calfitness protocol, and is often included in standard fitness tests (e. g. , EUROFIT: personal fitness tests, Presidents Challenge) and healthrelated fitness programs.

The Chair Sit and Reach test is part of the Senior Fitness Test Protocol, and is designed to test the functional fitness of seniors. It is a variation of the traditional sit and reach flexibility test. purpose: This test measures lower body flexibility. sit and reach test protocol pdf The standardized protocol should include: Strict posture Consistent movement speed muscular endurance or muscular strength. 4 Muscular Strength Purpose of measurement: SitandReach Box Test (trunk flexion) YMCA SitandReach Test

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