Ujt characteristics experiment pdf

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To study Drain Characteristics and Transfer Characteristics of a Field Effect Transistor (FET). Components: S. No. Name While performing the experiment do not exceed the ratings of the FET. This may lead to damage of FET. (UJT) Characteristics. SiliconControlled Rectifier (SCR) Characteristics.PE01 Scientech Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 4 Introduction PE01 is a compact, ready to use UJT Characteristics experiment board. This is useful for students to plot characteristics& various region of operation of UJT. ujt characteristics experiment pdf

UJT has negative resistance characteristics. 6V is the forward voltage drop across the emitter diode. the ntype side forms the voltage divider. Further increase in the emitter voltage increase the emitter current.

MOSFET CHARACTERISTICS AND APPLICATIONS Objective In this experiment you will study the iv characteristics of an MOS transistor. You will use the MOSFET as a variable resistor and as a switch. BACKGROUND The MOS (metaloxide semiconductor) transistor A Unijunction Transistor (UJT) is an electronic semiconductor device that has only one junction. The UJT Unijunction Transistor (UJT) has three terminals an emitter (E) and two bases (B1 and B2). The base is formed by lightly doped ntype bar of silicon. Two ohmic contacts B1 ujt characteristics experiment pdf ELECTRONIC DEVICES CIRCUITS (EDC) LABORATORY MANUAL FOR II IV B. E (ECE): I SEMESTER DEPT. OF ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION LIST OF EXPERIMENTS 1. CHARACTERISTICS OF PN JUNCTION DIODE 2. CHARACTERISTICS OF ZENER DIODE The Characteristics of the Forward and Reverse biased Zener Diode and the Zener

Power Electronics Lab manual SSIT 1 CONTENTS Experiment No Page. No 1. SCR Characteristics 3 2. TRIAC Characteristics 9 ujt characteristics experiment pdf While performing the experiment do not exceed the ratings of the UJT. This may lead to damage of the UJT. Connect voltmeter and ammeter in correct polarities as shown in the circuit diagram. UJT Relaxation Oscillator PE43 is a compact, ready to use experiment board. This This is helpful for students to have a study, how to generate the pulse using UJT with The programmable unijunction transistor, or PUT, is a multijunction device that, with two external resistors, displays similar characteristics to the UJT. It is a close cousin to the thyristor and like the thyristor consists of four pn layers. UJT firing circuit for HWR and FWR circuits. 6. Generation of firing signals for ThyristorsTriacs using digital EXPERIMENT NO. 2(a) CHARACTERISTICS OF MOSFET AIM: To draw static characteristic of MOSFET and hence to determine the output resistance and Trans conductance.

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