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2019-10-18 11:57

www. avaya. comIntroduction to Shortest Path Bridging Chartered to develop standards and recommended best practices in local area networking architectures and internetworking, the IEEE has developed an innovative, nextgeneration Ethernet control protocol classified as 802. 1aq, shortest path bridging pdf

This standard specifies shortest path bridging of unicast and multicast frames, including protocols to calculate multiple active topologies that can share learnt station location information, and support of a VLAN by multiple, per topology, VLAN identifiers (VIDs).

Avayas Switch Clustering (SC) and the IEEEs Shortest Path Bridging (SPB). SC is a mature and proven technology, pioneered by Avaya, which virtualizes the network core, offering consistency, subsecond recovery from failures, together with utilization of all links and resources. 802. 1aq Shortest Path Bridging is being standardized by the IEEE as an evolution of the various spanning tree protocols. 802. 1aq allows for true shortest path routing, multiple equal cost paths, much larger layer 2 topologies, faster convergence, vastly improved use of the mesh topology, shortest path bridging pdf 802. 1aq Shortest Path Bridging The full title of this PAR is Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks: Virtual Bridged Local Area Networks Amendment 8: Shortest Path Bridging .

IEEE Standard 802. 1aq (SPB) Defined Shortest Path Bridging is a protocol intended to simplify the creation and configuration of networks Combines the effectiveness of MPLS with shortest path bridging pdf Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) addresses the problems of legacy Ethernet network. There are problems in both control plane and data plane. In control plane, minimizing convergence time after topology changes is a major challenge. In data plane, inefficiency of link utilization is the main problem. Shortest Path Bridging IEEE 802 Tutorial July 18, 2005 11 Part 1: Symmetrical Port Path Costs The bridge advertises its link configured costs in BPDUs. All bridges on a given LAN use the link costs advertised by the CSTI Designated Bridge. Also, bridges bridge priority must be the same in all STIs that must be symmetrical. Shortest Path Bridging standard enhancessimplifies the already existing set SPB leverages new techniques while preserving services interfaces SPB is an easy way to scale other technologies

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